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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Movie Review "COURAGEOUS" *****


As I posted before I do not often recommend Books and that would also include movies, however there is a new move (it has been out a few weeks already) that I have to recommend  "Courageous".  This is a must see for every Father, Son, and yes Ladies too.  I will only point out one specific point about this movie, Men everywhere need to see this movie! No exceptions. When it comes out in DVD, you need to add it to your collection.  I will say this, Guys, be aware, this movie is one we can add to the list of such movies as "Old Yeller", and "Brian's Song", that is movies that it is okay for us men to tear up to.  Real Men will have to wipe their eyes to this movie, but, don't worry it is a man's movie. Nuff Said, Watch it, Buy it and keep the kleanex handy  

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